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Welcome to the official website of the MSGA

For 30 years, MSGA has delivered quality music to gospel music lovers in the Midwest. Currently the association has 18 member groups from various states, including Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, North Dakota, Kentucky and more! Each year in October these Spirit-filled groups gather together to create a special two day event in Iowa. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MSGA

Latest News

2022 MSGA Schedule

Friday, October 7, 2022 

Noon        Opening 

12:15        Ambassadors of Grace (showcase) 

12:45        Stillwater 

1:15          Headin' Home Quartet 

1:45          The Formans 

2:15          Living Water 

2:45          The Liberty Belles 

3:15          Hillsong 

3:45          Special Delivery 

4:15          Messengers of Faith 

4:45         Sounds of Inspiration 

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It's an exciting time for the Midwest Southern Gospel Association and it's artists!  Plans are being made, schedules formatted and excitement is building for the 2021 MSGA Convention!  This year's convention will feature new artists and some other exciting changes…

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2021 MSGA Convention- A Great Time for All

The 2021 Midwest Southern Gospel Association Convention was a huge success!  The weekend was filled with great music, fellowship, and worship.  New and seasoned artists came together to sing to a crowd of people, both young and old.  Tears were…

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Convention Highlights